10 months later, daughter of missing Hanson woman is desperate for information

HANSON, Mass. — 54-year-old Sandra Crispo of Hanson was last seen on August 7, 2019.

Crispo has missed numerous birthdays and holidays in the ten months she’s been missing. Not a single trace of her has surfaced in that time.

Laina McMahon, Crispo’s daughter, fears the worst.

“This is completely out of character for her," said McMahon. “She is a homebody. She does not disappear, never mind for ten months with no contact.”

The last person to see Crispo was McMahon’s husband, who dropped her off at her home in Hanson because she was having work done on her car and needed a ride home from the garage.

On the way back to the house, Crispo stopped at a nearby gas station and was recorded on the stores’s surveillance video system. Everything seemed fine.

No one had heard from Sandra by Thursday.

But on Friday, August 9th, everything changed when McMahon showed up at her mother’s house that morning to drop off her children for the day in a pre-arranged visit.

McMahon could not find her mother.

But she noticed the house lights were still on, the air conditioner was running, and Crispo’s dog, left unattended, seemed nervous.

Hanson Police conducted searches throughout town, and by the end of September, the Massachusetts State Police had joined the investigation.

Boston 25 News was there when police returned to Crispo’s house, collecting evidence.

For McMahon and her family the last 10 months have been a complete nightmare.

McMahon is a registered nurse, and for the last six weeks she has been on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19, working in makeshift ICU’s for Boston’s Beth Israel Hospital.

McMahon credits her husband and their children for helping her through this stressful time. Soon, it will be a full year since Crispo was last seen. McMahon is pleading for information from the public.

“I’m just really, really urging anybody if they have any information, to try and help our family and just come forward,” said McMahon. “We’re going on ten months. I know somebody out there has to know something. Even if it seems insignificant, please just come forward and make yourself heard."

In a statement to Boston 25, the Plymouth County DA said Massachusetts State Police and Hanson Police are actively trying to locate Crispo.

If you have any information on this case, please contact Mass. State Police Detectives at 508-894-2584.

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