Missing Hanson woman's daughter desperate for answers

HANSON, Mass. — The last two weeks have been a nightmare for Laina McMahon.

Her mother, Sandra Crispo, vanished on Aug. 7. And in two weeks, McMahon cannot stop thinking about or looking for, her mother.

"I go out there myself. And I'm looking in woods, and I'm getting thorns on me," she said. "What else can I do? I can't sit on my couch when my mom's missing."

Crispo was last seen at her home on Spofford Avenue in Hanson on Wednesday, Aug. 7 about 5 p.m., when a family member gave her ride. Crispo had just dropped her car off with a mechanic.

No one heard from her on Thursday. On Friday morning, when McMahon dropped by with her kids, she saw all the lights on in the house, the back door open and her dog inside without food or water.

Since then, police have conducted seven searches and turned up nothing.

"I feel like somebody in her neighborhood, in the general vicinity knows something happened," McMahon said.

Crispo's picture hangs on the front door of B.R.'s Café not far from Crispo’s house. And people in town are talking about the case.

"She didn’t just wander away, they think something must have happened to her," McMahon said.

Crispo's neighbors are not sure what to think.

For McMahon and her family, they simply want answers.

"I just want my mother back," McMahon said. "She doesn’t just disappear. This doesn’t happen to my mother."

Sandra Crispo is 54 years old. She has a slender build. Sandra has green eyes and brown hair.

She was last seen wearing a white T-shirt and pink three-quarter length sweat pants and slip on shoes.

If you know what happened to Sandra, or if you think you’ve seen her, call Hanson police.

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