Six months later, questions linger in Hanson woman’s disappearance

Six months later, questions linger in Hanson woman's disappearance

HANSON, Mass. — It’s been six months since Sandra Crispo vanished without a trace.

The 54-year-old’s one-bedroom house on Spofford Avenue in Hanson has now stood empty since Aug. 7, 2019 as police and family members continue to search for answers.

Crispo was last seen by her son-in-law, Tim McMahon, who dropped her off at her house late in the afternoon that Wednesday after helping her leave her car at a shop. According to Tim, it was just a normal, routine day.

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“The last moment I saw her, kids yelled out the window, ‘I love you, granny, see you tomorrow,’ [and I] said, ‘I love you too,’ and that was it," said Tim.

After calling her and getting no answer the next day, Laina McMahon, Crispo’s daughter, found an empty house and says the family has not been the same since. Now, Laina and her family have been doing everything they can to find her mother.

“I had an instant feeling since day two that she was no longer alive and that has never gone away,” said Laina. “Unfortunately, being strong is our only option and we are going to continue to advocate.”

On Sept. 27, only Boston 25 News was there as police investigators returned to Sandra’s home to collect more evidence. Search teams and K-9 units have tirelessly canvassed the area near Crispo’s house but so far no leads have turned up in her disappearance.

“We’re not going to stop until there are answers,” said Laina.

The Plymouth County DA’s officer says Crispo’s disappearance is still an open and active investigation.

Call police if you have any tips or know what happened to Sandra Crispo.