Search for missing woman resumes at her Hanson home

HANSON, Mass. — On Friday, police returned to the home of a woman who has been missing for nearly two months.

Sandra Crispo was last seen on August 7, and since then has had no contact with family members as police continued to investigate.

Now, police have resumed the search at Crispo's home, collecting evidence that will be sent away for analysis.

Crispo was last seen in the afternoon of Aug. 7, a Wednesday, after a family member gave her a ride home after dropping off her car at a local mechanic.

The following Friday, Crispo's daughter arrived at her house to drop off her children for the day, but Crispo was nowhere to be found.

Nearly two months later, police were back at Crispo's home, hoping to find forensic evidence that indicates whether Crispo was taken or if she walked away on her own.

Her daughter, Laina McMahon, says she believes her mother didn't just walk away from her house.

"I believe there is some forensic evidence indicating she didn’t just walk away," said McMahon. "That there might be some evidence of something more than that."

McMahon adds she thinks that evidence wasn't readily seen the last time police canvassed the house.

According to Crispo's daughter, the Plymouth County DA's office and the State Police have taken the lead in the investigation.

McMahon worries her mother was the victim of foul play, and that she's no longer alive.

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