Private investigator weighs in on Gloucester woman’s disappearance as case enters day 3

GLOUCESTER, Mass. — The search for a Gloucester woman enters its third day as no new leads have come up in her disappearance.

Abbie Flynn, 59, was last seen by her son on Sunday afternoon, at around 4:30 p.m., when she told him she would be going outside for a walk. Flynn, who was hosting a Super Bowl party later that day, never came back.

While police say they’re still actively investigating the case, they’re not treating her disappearance as a criminal investigation just yet.

Conrad McKinney, a private investigator who spoke to Boston 25 News said the first few days in a missing person’s case are the most crucial ones for a positive outcome.

Detectives were back speaking with Abbie Flynn’s family Tuesday night to gather any other clues to find her, two days after she went missing. That same day, authorities released a new photo of Flynn.

Police Chief Ed Conley said his officers continue to remain vigilant around trails, the coastline and harbor near her home. Originally, police were going to take a day off from the search for Flynn, but on Wednesday afternoon, crews gathered again by the wooded area off High People’s Road, a trail Flynn was known to hike on.

But the large scale search has been called off, after police spent 24 hours looking for Flynn, covering miles of land and sea in Gloucester, with no sign of her.

Police say the 59-year-old likely went for a walk near Brace Cove, a popular area for walking near the ocean, after leaving her house on Saint Louis Avenue.

While Flynn was originally thought to be in the Brace Cove area, it is unclear why officials are now looking for her in the wooded area of the city.

“The first week or so is important to get out there and try to find her,” said McKinney. “She’s missing, people just don’t vanish. They don’t just disappear, she’s gotta be around here somewhere.”

According to McKinney, although the search for Flynn has entered its third day, the warmer weather plays a big role in helping survival out in the woods.

“The main thing is keeping warm, but if she’s used to being outside – and from what I understand she does a lot of walking, I think she was probably dressed properly,” said McKinney. “They’re doing a good search, they’re out there doing a search and police they do a good job. They’ve been trained to do it.”

At this time, there is no indication of any danger to the public, police said.

If you have any information on where Abbie Flynn may be, call police at 978-283-1212.

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