Witnesses: Man run over trying to stop thief from stealing his car

BOSTON — Witnesses said a man had to jump on his own car after he saw someone stealing it. It happened when the car was stopped at the light on Kenmore Street and Commonwealth Avenue, but the driver of the car didn’t care someone was on the hood and took off.

“I could see his face when he was hanging onto the car, he was looking at the guy in the vehicle,” said one anonymous witness. “He hung on like an animal while the guy was trying to throw him off. Luckily, he fell off to the side and everyone was waiting to see if he was going to get up. And luckily, he got up real quick, put a shoe back on, and everybody [said] ‘call 911.’”

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“A man jumped onto the hood of the vehicle; I didn’t realize it was his car,” said another witness, Wen Dai of Boston. “He was ripping the vehicle and the light turned green and he sped off with him still on the hood of the car. And it was thrashing, trying to get him off the vehicle. And everyone was screaming that he was going to die. He went on a really long distance, clinging onto the car for ages.”

It happened right around 6:00 p.m. Monday. Witnesses said the man was taken away in an ambulance and had a few scratches on his face and a bloody arm but was otherwise able to walk away.

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