Woman investigates and rescues her dog after it was stolen

NASHUA, N.H. - A woman who had her beloved 11-year-old pug-shih tzu mix stolen from her car has been happily reunited with her pet.

To Amarilyis Martinez, Nikko isn't just a dog, he's her trusty companion.

"He is with me all the time," said Martinez. "If im going to the store, around the corner, he hops in the car with me."

On Sunday night, Martinez stopped at the Walgreens on Main Street in Nashua and left Nikko in the car, with the air conditioning running. When she came back, he was gone.

"People I’m around know my car, and know me, I don’t think they will do something like that," said Martinez.

Martinez told Boston 25 News she felt as though she had lost a part of herself.

She then decided to take matters into her own hands and launch her own investigation after she felt police weren't doing enough.

"For them, it's a dog - for me, it's a child," said Martinez.

Martinez posted the suspect's photo all over Facebook, until she was tipped off by a friend to an address in Methuen.

"I drove there, and called police after when I was in the house," said Martinez.

She said she the suspect's mother gave her Nikko back.

"I'm proud of myself for going there," said Martinez.

The suspect is still at large and has outstanding warrants.

If you know the suspect or see him, please call Nashua, New Hampshire Police or Methuen Police with any tips.