• Unsolved: It's been 3 years since Scott Leger stormed out and never returned

    By: Bob Ward , Jesse Grossi


    ATHOL, Mass. - An Athol family has been desperately searching for their missing brother Scott Leger.

    Scott's sister Heide Antunes always has her brother on her mind, "it's very frustrating, you're left with where is he? What happened? You go to bed thinking about it. You wake up thinking about it. There's just no answer."

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    For more than three years, those questions have lingered, unanswered.

    Scott Leger was last seen on Dec. 7, 2013 at his home on Petersham Road in Athol. State and local police have extensively searched the area, but have found no sign of him.

    The mystery begins around 9 p.m. on Dec. 7. Scott argued with his girlfriend. He had been drinking and stormed out of the house when his girlfriend called 911.

    His sister said he had no phone, no money, no car and no bag.     

    It turns out, Scott Leger may have had good reason to take off. There was an open warrant for him, on a minor offense.

    But Antunes said that doesn't explain why Scott is still missing today, "he left, and he would go across the street and probably come right back after the cops left. Nothing."

    In three years, not once piece of evidence has surfaced to say in one way or the other what happened to Scott Leger. It's as if he simply vanished. 

    New England's Unsolved was the only media to join Massachusetts State Police in a search of the woods near Scott's home in the weeks after he disappeared. It turned up nothing. 

    Leger may have wandered out into the woods, only to perish in the elements, still waiting to be found. He might be the victim of foul play. 

    His sisters don't believe he doesn't want to be found.

    His sisters say he always checked in with them on the phone.  

    And sister Heide still has one of his voicemails saved on her phone.

    "Hi Heide, this is your brother Scott. Just calling to see how you were. I know you are leaving in a few days. Give me a call when you get a second. I love you."

    The family is not giving up and they hope police won't either. Heide hopes police will conduct polygraphs and rule people out of involvement in his disappearance so they can focus on what happened to him. They believe someone knows something.  

    If you have seen Scott Leger, or have some idea what happened to him, please call Athol Police at 978-249-3232.


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