Cat crashes Canterbury Cathedral’s morning prayer livestream

Cat crashes Canterbury Cathedral’s morning prayer livestream
FILE PHOTO: A cat crashed a morning prayers live stream from Canterbury Cathedral. (WPA Pool/Getty Images)

CANTERBURY, U.K. — Canterbury Cathedral could be renamed Caterbury after cats crash the morning prayer live stream.

The Very Rev. Dr. Robert Willis, dean of Canterbury, was sharing his morning prayers this week when he was joined by one of the churches resident cats: Tiger.

Tiger though wasn’t concerned with the reverend’s message. Instead, he was more interested in the small pitcher of milk that sat upon a table, Kent Online reported.

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A quick hop up on a chair to get to the table, Tiger took matters into his own paws and helped himself to a drink.

Willis noticed the cat, apologized to viewers and said, “Sorry, we have acquired a friend this morning,” before continuing his sermon, News18 reported.

This wasn’t the first time a cat visited Willis’ online morning prayer session.

In May, Leo was the special guest who stopped by before disappearing under Willis’ cassock, CNN reported.