• Super Bowl LIII: An epic tale of East vs. West


    BOSTON - Sunday night the kings of the sports world will meet again on the biggest stage this country has to offer. 

    When the Patriots meet the Rams in Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta, it'll be the second time Boston and Los Angeles have competed for a major title this season. 

    According to Business Insider, Los Angeles and Boston have combined for 31 percent (23 of 75) of all championships since 2000. 

    But the cultural clash between the cities might be the more fascinating comparison. 

    Merriam-Webster notes: "The names of sporting teams tend to be built on a combination of crowd appeal and a hope that nominative determinism is a real thing." The dictionary's writers note Rams are a powerful, strong animal, while patriots are hailed as heroes among their countrymen. 

    David Shribman, a native of Salem, Massachusetts, wrote in the Los Angeles Times Sunday morning, "In Boston, they say that if you don’t like the weather you should simply wait a while. In Los Angeles, if you don’t like the weather, there’s something seriously wrong with you." 

    The two cities, and their teams, almost couldn't be farther apart -- literally and metaphorically. 

    Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are the old guard, the faces of a dynasty that has dominated the NFL for nearly two decades, while the Rams are a team recently reborn in Los Angeles with young faces and fresh talent. 

    In case you need anything to get your hyped for the big game, this might be the definitive hype video for Super Bowl LIII.

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