‘She’s a lovely gal’: Friends hold out hope, print 5K flyers for missing Gloucester woman

State police started using sonar to search the bottom of the ocean in Brace?s Cove around 8 a.m. Tuesday.

GLOUCESTER, Mass. — The search for the 59-year-old mother was called off days after her disappearance but now state police are resuming the search underwater.

State police started using sonar to search the bottom of the ocean in Brace’s Cove around 8 a.m. Tuesday.

They wrapped up in the afternoon with no word on if they found anything but childhood friends of Abbie Flynn are still holding out hope.

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"I remember her well, she’s a lovely gal and I presume she was the same because I can’t imagine her any differently," Shim Jensen Graham said.

Wednesday, 5,000 flyers will be posted throughout Gloucester by a group of volunteers.

Jensen Graham, who went to high school with Flynn and now lives in Maryland, tells Boston 25 News she felt compelled to help even from miles away. “People who are immediately in that area will keep her name out there and hopefully it will push people to do something about it.”

Family members say the 59-year-old woman left her home last Sunday around 4:30 in the afternoon to go for a walk and never returned.

Last week, police searched a hiking trail off High Popples Road just a mile away from Flynn’s Saint Louis Avenue home.

The search continued under water Tuesday.

State police used side scan sonar to check the bottom of the ocean near Brace’s Cove.

Police say they are actively investigating but are not treating her disappearance as a criminal investigation yet.

Abbie Flynn’s brother sent an email to Boston 25 News Tuesday, saying, “Abbie is hugely loved, very normal and has an extraordinarily devoted family...as she is to us.”