Off-duty nurse leaps into action to save choking man at Weymouth store

Off-duty nurse leaps into action to save choking man at Weymouth store

WEYMOUTH, Mass. — A man in Weymouth was just sampling meats at the deli counter inside a supermarket when he started choking to death. Luckily, a nurse happened to be shopping there at the same time and rushed into action to save a stranger’s life.

“A lady ran up to me and just got kind of like that and said are you by chance a nurse?” said Sarah Morgan. “And I said, ‘yeah I am,’ and she said there’s a man choking to death in the deli, and I ran.”

Morgan ran to help save a man from choking while she was shopping at the BJ’s in Weymouth Monday night.

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“The way they’re breathing kind of gives you an idea of where it’s falling down,” she said. “Like I said, he was wheezing by the time I got to him, which means it was pretty low down into his trachea.”

After giving the man the Heimlich, Morgan noticed he stopped breathing. So she and another stranger, who had medical training, lowered that man to the ground to perform CPR.

“Very intense,” Morgan said about the ordeal. “When they turn blue and it is very scary when you know you’re at that life or death point.”

Morgan says she’s thankful another person was able to help her give CPR to the man. She hopes it’s a reminder why more people should get the training for the life-saving skill.

“One person can’t save somebody, it takes a team,” she said.

Morgan added that you never know when you may have to jump to help save someone’s life.

“In the end that’s the matter of life or death because the longer the brain goes without oxygen, without blood, the chances of survival drop every minute,” she said.

Morgan says the man was minutes away from dying, but luckily she could keep him stable until he was transported to the hospital. She says she’s so thankful he’ll be okay.

“As nurses we always hope we make a difference, but something like that happens and you know that your skills were there,” she said.