New England’s Unsolved: The Podcast

Founded in 1999, New England's Unsolved has been tracking investigations for nearly 20 years.

We're diving deeper into unsolved cases than we ever have before. Bob Ward created New England's Unsolved to bring closure to families and communities by keeping investigations in the minds of our viewers. With the spotlight we shine on cases, we hope to help families find answers and help investigators get the leads they need.

Since it's inception, New England's Unsolved has tracked cases like the disappearance of Molly Bish from the the day she went missing. We've followed up on the murder of Theresa Corley in 1978, a case Bob Ward has been close to in his own hometown.

The faces of the victims and their stories may disappear from newspaper headlines and television sets, but the memories remain in the families and communities left behind. We spend time retelling their stories to keep their cases from fading away.

In the podcast, we'll trace a few of these stories in great detail with the first season beginning in November.

We'll present the news stories we first brought you and the developments over the years. We'll take you into the investigations and bring you the story of the families and their search for justice.

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