• New England's Unsolved: The case of George Saydee

    By: Bob Ward


    WORCESTER, Mass. - Two years after a Worcester man was gunned down outside of his home, his family is looking for justice. 

    George Saydee and his family came to America to escape civil war in Liberia in the 1990’s. Struggle drew the Saydee family close together.

    “All my kids they love me, we are all close.  But George?  He was very very close.  He was Mommy’s boy.  Always,” said his mother, Betty Saydee.

    Betty was working her custodial job at UMass Medical Center on Nov. 30, 2014, when paramedics brought in a shooting victim. No one told her, but somehow, Betty knew it was George.

    “They shot him. Right then, I knew what happened and I started crying and I said, ‘This is George,’” Betty recalled.

    Soon, the rest of the family learned George had been shot outside his Worcester apartment.

    “My mom’s truck pulled up and I heard this scream, and at that point I knew he was gone,” said George’s sister, Lydia Saydee.

    Waiting for Answers

    Since that day, the Saydee family has been starved for answers. There has never been an arrest.  But the family believes there are clues. They've heard two men wearing dark clothes are responsible for killing George. They also say the George's apartment complex has surveillance cameras.

    George's family is the first to admit, he had two sides.  He was a dedicated father, brother and son. But he also spent time on the streets, and behind bars.

    But they don't believe the killer is someone from George's criminal past.

    “I feel like because of who he was, because of his arrests with the drugs and everything they are just not investigating it because they just want him off the street or something,” Lydia Saydee said.

    A Familiar Killer?

    George Saydee’s family believes the killer is someone who knows them.

    “I think this was more personal than it was someone trying to rob him or take something from him,” Lydia Saydee said. 

    His mother, Betty, believes it’s someone who shared meals at their table. 

    “I know for sure somebody that knows us killed George. They think they’re getting away with it, but God is seeing it," she said.

    George's brothers and sisters tell FOX25, their mom won't be able to smile again until they all know who killed him.

    “I think of my brother every day. I tear up every day,” said his brother Lawrence Saydee.

    “If it’s the last thing any of us do before we leave this earth, we're going to continue to fight to get justice for him.  No matter what it takes,” said his sister Lydia.

    Worcester Detectives someone may have information about the circumstances surrounding George Saydee’s death.  They’re asking the public to come forward.

    Anyone with information can send an anonymous text to 274637 tipwpd + your message or send an anonymous web based message to worcesterma.Gov/police. Calls can also be made to the Worcester police detective bureau at (508) 799-8651.

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