• New app aims to ease parking pains in Boston

    By: Robert Goulston


    BOSTON - Three women have partnered up to create an app that connects people who are not using their parking spaces with people who need one. 

    It's no secret that South Boston has some of the worst parking horror stories.

    "If you don't find parking by 6, you can drive around for literally 45 minutes looking," said Molly Demayo. 

    So, Hope Beckman and two of her girlfriends created Hasty Parking, which allows people to rent out private parking spots.

    One of their newest clients has a space on Gold Street in Southie - which may be worth gold to some. 

    "You just get onto the app. You plug into the are you are looking for a spot," said Colleen Van Hauten. 

    The app also has an option so that if you are looking for a space and see an HP space marker, you can go to the app, put the number in and see if the spot is available to rent. 

    Beckman says the idea was born when she had trouble finding a parking spot in Back Bay for her hair appointments.

    "It donned on me that most of the spaces that are available on the alleyways and there's no way to access those spaces to rent," said Beckman. 

    Now, the Hasty Parking app has more than 50 parking hosts, who set their own rates. The app also has an event parking search tab.

    People on the prowl for parking say they will try anything. 

    "That would be helpful especially if you need to leave town and come back into town late at night," said Demayo. 

    "That sounds like a great idea. It's still a couple of dollars you have to pay, but a better solution than driving around for a half hour," said Will Collins. 

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