Widow of Bulger gang victim trying to recover husband’s gold watch

BOSTON — Mary Callahan, the widow of Bulger gang victim John Callahan, is struggling to have the gold Rolex watch he was wearing when he was murdered returned to her family.

The 1982 murder of the World Jai Alai President Miami was one of the Bulger gang’s most cold-hearted.

Bulger hitman John Martorano admitted he shot and killed Callahan, his friend, on Bulger’s orders, to keep Callahan from telling the feds about another murder.

Callahan’s bullet-ridden body was found in the trunk of a car.

Forty years later, Bulger is dead, Martorano is free, and now Callahan’s widow wants her husband’s Gold Rolex watch returned to her.

“It was a gold Rolex watch. And the reason I know that is because the watch is part of the story of my husband’s life,” Mary Callahan told me.

John Martorano testified at Bulger’s 2013 trial how John Callahan was killed.

And in his book, Martorano wrote that he took Callahan’s watch and left it in a Cuban neighborhood to send suspicion elsewhere.

Mary Callahan told she was assured her husband’s watch would be returned at the end of the case, but that hasn’t happened.

The watch she said, is like a piece of her husband.

“When he finally got a Rolex, he considered it a wonderful achievement,” she said.

Boston attorney Peter Elikann tells me Callahan’s request is not unreasonable.

“It would be an extraordinary injustice that a victim’s family can’t get that victim’s property back. Particularly for sentimental reasons for the family,” Elikann said.

The Boston FBI told me that in a review of the Callahan files with Miami Dade County Police there is no record of any jewelry.

“I want to call it an added heartbreak. The Band-aid keeps getting ripped off, it keeps opening the wound,” Callahan said.

At the same time that Mary Callahan is trying to get her husband’s things back from the gov’t, the disgraced FBI agent convicted of second-degree murder in John Callahan’s death is returned to his family.

Mary Callahan did not oppose John Connolly’s compassionate release this year

Now she’s hoping, someone, will help her find her husband’s things.