Dorchester double stabbing suspect in court Monday

DORCHESTER, Mass. — We are learning more about the two women stabbed in killed this weekend in Dorchester. The man accused of the murders appeared in court.

Marcus Chavis is charged with murdering his wife and the woman who recently helped the couple by letting them move in. Police say Chavis stabbed his wife, 27-year-old Fatima Yasin, and their roommate, 42 year-old Jahaira DeAlto, in the neck area. Chavis’ children, ages 7 and 8, were in the house when police arrived. They were crying and pointing to a room where their mother was hurt.  

Suffolk County Assistant District Attorney Ian Polumbaum told the court what the suspect told police after being questioned. 

“He said he woke up and his wife was bleeding. Asked how that happened he said he didn’t know, but he had the knife,” said Polumbaum.  

Suffolk County DA Rachel Rollins was in the courtroom for the arraignment.  

“Really heart wrenching facts. Two children were obviously present when this happened and alerted police to where their mother lay dying,” said Rollins.

Chavis told police he takes medication for PTSD and schizophrenia. Police are still investigating the motive.  

“I wouldn’t presume to predict what challenges he has or how they might effect the case. It’s way too early,” said Polumbaum.

DeAlto was well known for being an activist and helping others. Flowers were being left by the house’s front porch, where DeAlto would often sit with her dog. Alice Guss and Leo Lavache were former roommates.

“She was an incredibly caring person and did so much trying to forward many activist causes. Trans rights, helping survivors of domestic abuse, community support overall,” said Guss.  

“She really liked helping people, even if they were just a random stranger,” said Lavache.

DeAlto’s dog was also stabbed in the side, but is expected to survive after getting blood transfusions. The suspect is being held without bail tonight. The DA said the two children are getting the help they need.