Friends remember Halifax father, daughter killed in Hanson motorcycle crash

HANSON, Mass. — Loved ones of the Halifax father and daughter killed in a motorcycle crash in Hanson Friday are left mourning and looking for answers.

“I mean, this is just tragic. It just doesn’t make any sense at all,” said James Cook, of Hanson.

Hanson police said 58-year-old James Ripley and his 19-year-old daughter Jenna Ripley were riding a motorcycle down Route 58 near Hill Road Friday when they went off the road and struck a pole.

Jenna Ripley was pronounced dead at the scene. James Ripley was rushed to Brockton Hospital, where he later died.

“James was the most loyal, the most honest ma. He would not tell a lie, just the best of us,” said Jeffrey Keaney, James Ripley’s best childhood friend. “The most important thing, the thing he loved more than anything, was being a dad, and that’s what makes this thing so horrible.”

Keaney was also Jenna Ripley’s Godfather.

“Dad was his biggest deal. That’s all he wanted out of life,” said Keaney. “He’s got another daughter at home.”

Ripley’s friends went back to the crash scene Sunday to try to find some answers and some closure.

“We just needed to look at the actual place where it happened to try to find some understanding,” said Joel Clemons, of Hanson. “At this point, there’s nothing else to do.”

Investigators haven’t said what caused the motorcycle to veer off the road, but the Plymouth County District Attorney’s office said both James and Jenna Ripley were wearing helmets.

“I mean, I just waved to him two days ago when he drove by my house,” said Clemons. “He was just the greatest guy, and it’s just the biggest loss for us.”

Massachusetts State Troopers assigned to the Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section responded to the scene. Troopers from the Plymouth County CPAC Unit responded to assist with the investigation.