DPW crews across Norfolk County preparing for heavy snowfall

SHARON, Mass. — DPW crews in Norfolk County towns like Sharon, Canton and Stoughton are preparing for about half a foot of snow Tuesday.

Deputy Superintendent of Public Works Kevin Weber says his crews will be out just before 5 a.m. The storm is expected to ramp up throughout the day, bringing snowfall rates of 1-3 inches per hour at its peak, and wind down around 3 p.m., according to our latest projections.

“It will be slippery, you know it’s going to be coming down 2-3 inches an hour, so it’s going to be tough to keep up with for a while,” said Weber.

Parents there were out getting last minute things for a snow day with schools already canceled.

“I have anxiety, I mean I’ve got 3 kids, I’m by myself, so cleaning that up is not going to be fun, then having them play in the snow while I clean up because I can’t leave them inside it’s not going to be fun either,” said Miranda Pagan in Canton.

It’s not always easy when the kids are home from school when many parents are now expected to work remotely.

“Obviously I love spending time with my kids, but working and spending time with my kids does not sound like a great time at all,” said Pagan.

He says they have more than 30 plows with sanders, plus 15 contractors ready to tackle the storm starting just before 5 AM Tuesday.

“So we’ll get out just as it starts snowing, so we can get some material out on the road and it makes it easier to scrape the roads off when we’re cleaning up,” said Weber.

He says he’s glad school has already been canceled and hopes most people will stay off the roads.

“I talked to the facility supervisor this morning and kind of suggested it, if they would call the school it would make it easier, it would be no school buses on the roads, no kids, no parents, just makes it easier to clear the roads and the parking lots when we’re done,” said Weber.

Weber says they’ll also have a warming center at the public safety building in Sharon just in case anyone loses power and heat in the storm and needs somewhere to go.

Stay with the Boston 25 Weather Team for updates as the storm gets closer.

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