Child rescued from pool in Abington

ABINGTON, Mass. — A child was rescued after falling into a pool on Plymouth Street in Abington, Monday.

“I was studying for my dental school admissions test,” said Savennah Mendes-Rodridgues. “And then out of nowhere we hear screaming and ‘oh call the ambulance, call the ambulance’ and then I come out to the kitchen and there’s a little kid on the floor.”

Savennah Mendes-Rodrigues says she jumped into action when a family friend’s son nearly drowned in their pool.

She says the two-year-old had fallen into the water and was barely breathing when they brought him inside.

“I was really calm actually, I started chest compressions while everyone was panicking in the background,” said Mendes-Rodrigues.

She says she kept doing compressions on the toddler until first responders arrived, and by that point the little boy was breathing again.

Once fire crews arrived on scene, they took over treatment. The child was transported to South Shore Hospital, according to Abington Deputy Fire Chief Jack Glynn.

“Then they were like ‘wow you probably saved his life for all we know,” said Mendes-Rodrigues. “I didn’t think about it in the moment because I was pretty just — I wasn’t really thinking about anything, I was just kinda in the moment, like oh my gosh, and then after I was like ‘oh, I think I did just save him.”

As a registered dental assistant, Mendes-Rodrigues says she has to be CPR certified, and she says luckily she was home studying at the time since she’s usually at work.

“When I was training for CPR everyone was like ‘I’m never going to use this, this is pointless,’ until you’re actually in the situation and then it’s like woah, it looks like this is actually pretty useful,” said Mendes-Rodrigues.

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