Central figure in Worcester’s Sabrina Hatheway disappearance shot in street violence

WORCESTER, Mass. — Kevin Crozier, the man at the center of the investigation into the 2014 disappearance of Worcester’s Sabrina Hatheway, was shot during a street fight Saturday. Sabrina’s family is concerned that time could be running out to find out what happened to her.

“I think he knows everything,” Lisa Hatheway, Sabrina’s Aunt, told me. “I wish he would tell us what he knows.”

It’s believed Sabrina Hatheway was last seen with Kevin Crozier at his grandmother’s house on Dixfield Road in Worcester in December 2014. The house burned to the ground shortly after Sabrina’s disappearance. Crozier, convicted of arson, was released from jail last April.

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Boston 25 spoke to Lisa Hatheway about if Crozier, who denies any involvement in Sabrina’s disappearance, ever reached out to the family.

“He hasn’t even tried to bother with us,” said Hatheway. “He’s kept himself as far away from my family as he possibly can. He’s not contacted any of us.”

Over the weekend, things took a dramatic turn for Crozier. At 9:25 p.m. Saturday, Worcester’s Shot Spotter system alert police to a shooting on John Street. When police arrived, they found two shooting victims, one of which was Crozier.

25-year-old Troy Morvan of Worcester is facing multiple charges, including two counts of armed assault to murder.

According to a police report, a cooperating witness recorded the shooting on cell phone video. Crozier was hospitalized, but his condition is unknown. Sabrina’s family is hoping maybe now he’ll talk.

“Tell us what we want to know. Tell us where her remains are. That’s all we want to know,” Hatheway said.

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The alleged shooter, Troy Morvan, is held without bail. He is due back in court for a dangerousness hearing on Wednesday.