Missing Worcester woman’s family planning vigil on sixth anniversary

Missing Worcester woman’s family planning vigil on sixth anniversary

WORCESTER, Mass. — 23-year-old Sabrina Hatheway was last seen nearly six years ago at a house at 11 Dixfield Road in Worcester.

Today, the house is gone, destroyed in a fire. The address is simply a snow covered lot, a backhoe in place. Sabrina’s family is still looking for her.

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“I can’t believe that we have no leads. I cannot believe it,” family member India Maria Medina told me.

The house, which once stood on Dixfield Road, belonged to the grandmother of Sabrina’s former boyfriend, Kevin Crozier. Crozier was convicted of setting the fire that destroyed the house shortly after Sabrina vanished. He was released from prison earlier this year. Medina tells me her family would like to talk to Crozier about Sabrina, but that has not yet happened.

“He was the last one with her. He burned his house, why? He was with her. Where is Sabrina? We just want to know: where is Sabrina?” Medina said.

On December 20 at 5 p.m., Sabrina’s family will return to Dixfield Road to stand vigil for Sabrina. The family wants answers. And they want justice for Sabrina.

If you have any information about this case, you are urged to contact Worcester Police.