Salvation Army prepares to distribute 28,000 pounds of food for Thanksgiving to help the needy

Salvation Army prepares to distribute 28,000 pounds of food for Thanksgiving

CANTON, Mass. — The need for food is greater than ever. The Salvation Army is teaming up with local cities and towns making sure no one goes hungry this Thanksgiving.

“Everyone is going to be getting a turkey, and all the fixings,” said Cassidy Bowers, with the Salvation Army.

At the Salvation Army headquarters in Canton, hundreds of boxes were being packed with Thanksgiving meals, and a 13 pound turkey.

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“2020 has been an unusual year. We are seeing a lot new families that are coming for assistance, that never had to ask for help before,” said Major Marcus Jugenheimer with the Salvation Army.

Volunteers from across Massachusetts are packing 28,000 pounds of food, which will feed more than 10,000 people and families.

“We are taking care of a lot of families that are stuck at this point, where they are trying to determine, do I pay a bill or do a thanksgiving meal?” said Jeffrey Bailey, with the Salvation Army.

Starting on Saturday, five Boston area locations will start handing out food to those in need.

“The need is up 150 percent in Massachusetts alone,” said Bowers.

The Salvation Army will not only focus on the high-risk COVID-19 red zones, like Chelsea.

“We are in the hot zones, we have our locations throughout Massachusetts, and most of the places are green and red,” said Bailey.

This year, there will be a special delivery made to the veteran’s home in Jamaica plain and Brockton.

Don Souza works at Lily transportation, a company that is volunteering their trucks and workers to help families during these challenging times.

“These guys gave their all, they put their lives on the line, that’s the least I can do,” said Souza.

“Poverty hurts every day, but poverty hurts worst somedays. We are trying to alleviate some of that,” said Bowers

Since the pandemic, Boston 25 News Reporter Malini Basu covered the struggle for food in so many communities, like Everett, Chelsea, and Lawrence.

A lot of cities and towns started handing out food cards. Malini checked in with Chelsea officials on Friday, and they told her, they have cards called Chelsea eats food cards. At the Salvation Army, families have already signed up to get these boxes. If someone shows up, and they haven’t signed up, officials say, no one will leave hungry.

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