Peabody woman left without answers after COVID vaccine confusion with Walgreens

Peabody woman left without answers after COVID vaccine confusion with Walgreens

BOSTON — Signing up online for a COVID-19 vaccine shot is no easy task. So, Mary Jones of Peabody was thrilled when she booked an appointment last week.

“Oh, it was so difficult. I was happy to get that,” Jones told Boston 25 News.

Jones was given a confirmation number online. She even showed up early for her appointment on Monday, but that’s when her COVID-19 vaccine confusion started. Jones showed a worker her license.

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“And she said, ‘you don’t have an appointment.’ And I asked her if the confirmation number looked correct and she said yes it did, but she didn’t have my name,” Jones said.

She was taken aback. So, Jones asked to speak to a manager.

“The girls there would not give me the manager, they wouldn’t give me the manager’s name,” she said.

Jones left confused. Later at home she went online to her Walgreens account, and that’s when she discovered something even more strange.

“And it said that I had already been vaccinated,” Jones said.

But she told Boston 25 News that never happened.

“And I in fact did not get a shot Feb 22,” Jones said.

At this point, Jones said she called Walgreens to speak to the manager to try to get this cleared up.

“And when I explained, I hung on for a while and then they hung up on me. And then I called back, and I asked again, and they hung up on me again,” she said.

With no place to turn and at her wits end, Jones reached out to Boston 25.

“I thought I’ve heard that you’ve helped people before; I’ve seen it. And I thought maybe if you reached out to them,” she said.

And Boston 25 News did reach out to Walgreens’ Media Department several times. We sent several emails and left voicemails asking for an explanation. But, so far, we have not gotten a response.

In the meantime, Mary is left in the lurch. She needs her COVID-19 vaccination to go back to work. She said it’s vital not only to her physical but her economic health to get the shot.

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