If you got your 1st COVID vaccine dose here, the 2nd won’t be available

BOSTON — Sixteen locations, 6,000 COVID vaccinations administered, but things are coming to a standstill. According to its website, CareWell Urgent Care says it followed state guidelines and administered those first doses within 10 days of receiving them, to avoid waste, but now can’t do the second dose.

A spokesperson wrote: “....due to the severely limited inventory and other logistical challenges, the state has not yet been able to replenish our vaccine supply. We hope to receive a new allocation soon and are prepared to immediately resume appointments as soon as a new shipment arrives.”

CareWell is now redirecting people to one of the state-run mass vaccination sites to get their second dose.

“If all these people go on the website, there’s no way for getting appointments,” said Dothouse Health infectious disease specialist, Dr. Julita Mir.

Mir recognizes with the state’s Vaxfinder website already overwhelmed, sending more people there will be tough.

“People should sort of wait for a little more guidance from the state to see when that second vaccine will happen. It could be that the state allocates. I just think that if people go crazy, they’re never going to book another appointment,” Mir said.

But how long can someone wait?

“That’s a great question. The guidance from the CDC says that the second vaccine of both Moderna and Pfizer can be delayed up to six weeks or 42 days. And even if that vaccine is given a little later than that, there’s no need to restart the series,” said Mir. “I wouldn’t just wait and then, you know, not to take your first shot because you’re worried about the second one. The more people who get their first shot, the better. If we order more vaccine supply, everyone’s going to get their two shots. If you have access to vaccine No. 1, get your vaccine. Trust that the government’s doing as much as they can in providing access to vaccine No. 2. Stay in touch with your healthcare provider with the organization that gave you your first vaccine and stay tuned with the news.”

If you are one of the people who got your first dose here, CareWell, there is a form you can fill out to learn when appointments are available here again.

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