The Field Pub in Cambridge closes after 25 years during pandemic

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — The Field Pub in Central Square is a Cambridge landmark. It’s been run for a quarter century by Jerry Coleman.

“Amazingly the place became really successful,” he said.

This spot drew crowds from all over the world, it was popular with students and workers but coronavirus is ending it’s 25-year run.

“We didn’t do business for free. We had to pay our bills and everything and we just couldn’t,” Coleman said.

The field was forced to close like all restaurants just before their biggest holiday back in March Saint Patrick’s Day.

“It was the Tuesday right before St. Patrick’s Day and unfortunately it didn’t happen,” he said.

Then one month closed lead to two and then three. They did attempt to open but as a pub no one could sit at the famous bar.

“A fifth of the people we were allowed to have in here,” he said.

Business never picked up and there are no students around from Harvard and MIT.

“They haven’t come back,” he said.

The office building across the street is usually provided the lunch crowd but Jerry said, “It’s empty you know what I mean it’s just incredible.”

One long time customer, Evelyn Clarke, is upset.

Evelyn Clarke told Boston 25, “There’s so many wonderful places here, small businesses.”

As for the The Field closing, she says is a loss to the whole neighborhood.

“They represent something that’s wonderful,” he said.

Wonderful like the memories Jerry has that ease the pain of closing The Field.

“Great memories. Yeah, absolutely,” he said.

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