Businesses figuring out their own rules ahead of state’s full reopening

BOSTON — It’s the final week in Massachusetts with most state mandated COVID-19 restrictions, and businesses across the state are figuring out how to proceed forward.

Some businesses are still deciding what, if any, rules to enforce starting on Saturday, May 29.

The expectations for customers may vary quite a bit from business to business.

Formaggio Kitchen in Boston’s South End is opting to keep its capacity at 10.

The specialty market on Shawmut Avenue will also be requiring that customers continue to wear masks until further notice.

“It’s partially because not all of our staff is vaccinated yet. A lot of us are but not everyone,” said General Manager Julie Cappellano. “Some people are a little hesitant and are planning to get vaccinated later. We want to protect those people.”

Cappellano told Boston 25 News that the state no longer mandating the rules may open the door to new challenges.

“In a way, I like that we’re making our own decisions. The only trouble with making your own decisions, you can’t say, oh well, this is why we have to do this,” explained Cappellano.

Customers at Picco Pizza and Ice Cream Company on Tremont Street will be allowed to ditch the masks on Saturday.

Picco employees will still be required to wear one.

“It’s going to be a little difficult as everyone is deciding on their own rollouts,” said Rachelle Cando, owner of Picco.

For the first time since the pandemic began, Picco is planning on reintroducing indoor dining.

“We’ll do limited indoor dining for now. A lot of it depends on staffing,” said Cando. “We’re going to take things slowly.”

The rules at salons and barber shops will also be different depending on where you go.

Boston 25 News spoke with some salons and barber shops that plan to continue requiring masks for customers, stylists and barbers.

At Tweed Barbers on Washington Street, it will be customized to each customer’s comfort level.

“If a customer requests that a barber wear a mask, then we’ll comply,” said Tweed receptionist Kellyn Eaddy. “I think it will be good in the end, once we figure out how to maneuver.”

Tweed also plans to start phasing in shampoos again and is doing away with across the board requirements, like mandatory temperature checks for everyone.

“That will differ from barber to barber. We want them to be comfortable as well,” added Eaddy.

Boston 25 News checked in with other businesses that are ditching their mask requirements specifically for vaccinated people on an honor system.

The state will still be requiring masks in some settings, including on public transportation and in taxis and ride-hailing services.

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