Boston hiring firm offers advice for those new to the job hunt in pandemic economy

Boston hiring firm offers advice for those new to the job hunt in pandemic economy

BOSTON — Recent college graduates are starting their careers in a Massachusetts economy mired in record unemployment. But a leader at Boston hiring firm Robert Half Technology, tells Boston 25 News, that doesn’t mean their job hunt is necessarily doomed this summer.

“What they thought would be, you know, really a place where they'd have their pick of just about any job out there… they've had to shift their priorities and their focus. Some industries… are thriving and are looking for more and more people and others… unfortunately are laying people off and that might mean terminating offers that have been out there for college students,” said Robert Half senior district president Bill Driscoll.

Driscoll says eager young employees do have an edge.

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“Generation Z, so to speak, is very, very technology oriented and technically savvy, and that's a key advantage in a job search that's remote… and exclusively remote for the most part right now. I think what we're seeing is the students that are able to blend those strong communication skills with that technical expertise, are really going to have an advantage,” Driscoll said.

Driscoll tells Boston 25 News, in Massachusetts, healthcare, biotech and life sciences industries are hiring, as are financial services because of the surge in loan work being done right now.

He offered advice for college graduates out looking right now:

  • Be Patient
  • Be Prepared for Interviews
  • Expand your Job Search to Related Skills if a Narrow search is stonewalled
  • Network, Network, Network

“I think the best advice I could give a college grad is to treat looking for a job like a full time job. And if you do that, then I think as things continue to improve, there will be opportunities.” Driscoll said.

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