Boston 25 brings parents’ mask concerns to local doctor

WALPOLE, Mass. — We don’t have to wear masks outside unless you can’t socially distance, but kids still do playing sports.

In Walpole on Friday, a soccer team was getting in some practice masks and all. It was cool on this day but their coach is worried about warmer weather.

“We could get a 90-degree day and the side effects of wearing a mask and having our young kids running around in that temperature is really not worth it,” said Paul Foley, who is a Walpole Youth Soccer coach.

We also spoke to Maddy Resha who is a softball player in Westwood. She agrees.

“For outdoor sports it can be kind of frustrating sometimes,” said Resha.

Her dad is a former softball coach understands but would like the mask mandate lifted.

“The data seems to be that they don’t need them but there’s still some ambiguity and I understand why they haven’t completely lifted all the restrictions yet,” said Resha.

Dr. Shira Doron is an epidemiologist at Tufts Medical Center. She has two sons and one is an athlete. So far, she gives Gov. Charlie Baker high points on reopening so far.

“The governor’s change to the mandate was more aligned than the CDC’s mask guidance,” said Doron.

But she thinks it’s time to lift the mask mandate for youth sports.

“Even short bursts of close contact even if face to face the risks of that are outweighed by the excellent ventilation outside,” she said.

She said that fresh air, adults being vaccinated and children’s low risk to severe disease means it’s time to let kids be kids.

“I really do fall on the side of loosening those restrictions for student athletes,” said Doron.

And Dr. Doron believes that guidance isn’t far away.

“I think the guidance is coming. I think it’s being written I think we’ll see some loosening,” she said.

For student athletes like Maddy, that can’t come soon enough.

“Hopefully it can go faster,” said Maddy Resha.

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