Nor’easter On The Way

Rain and wind peak tonight - tomorrow


Low pressure will approach from the south and intensify into this evening, bringing rain and wind to southern New England. Rain will be heavy at times, leading to visibility concerns and ponding water on the roads. In fact, street, stream, and coastal flooding are all items we’ll be watching closely. Conditions will worsen as the nor’easter gets closer. Expect max wind tonight through Wednesday morning. Wind and showers will be slow to taper off Wednesday afternoon, and it looks like eastern MA will see yet another wet day.


A Flood Watch will continue through tomorrow with an additional 2-4″ rainfall expected. That’s on top of yesterday’s 1″ rainfall in several spots. The risk of street flooding will be enhanced by leaves clogging any drains. Rivers and streams are already running full from the heavy rain over the past few months, so we could see some reach minor flood stage when they crest on Wednesday.


A HIGH WIND WARNING and WIND ADVISORY have been issued. Gusts 50-70 mph are expected along the coast with the rest of eastern MA 40-50 mph. Peak winds will occur when the storm is closest tonight to Wednesday morning. Wind damage is likely, especially where we have near full foliage in southeastern MA. Tree, property, and powerline damage will all be a concern. Cape Cod, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard will see the strongest and longest lasting winds.


This storm will bring some rough surf and some large breaking waves. The persistent onshore winds will cause the water to pile up along the eastern coastline, leading to some possible beach erosion, splashover and minor coastal flooding. It helps that the tides are astronomically low, but COASTAL FLOOD ADVISORIES have been issued for Wednesday.

Stay with us as we track this storm. You can always get information directly to your phone with our free Boston25 Weather App.

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