Back to summer heat

Isaias is long gone

Boston 25 Wednesday afternoon weather forecast


We’re back to partly sunny skies today! Plan on a quick warm up back near 90 in the afternoon. I can’t rule out one or two isolated showers in the region, but most communities will stay dry. SW winds will gust up to 25 mph, not much compared to the tropical storm force gusts we had yesterday.


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We have a treat coming tonight and tomorrow as dew points drop into the 50s. It will feel fresh, cool and crisp overnight. You can even turn off the AC and crack the windows before bed if you want! The forecast will remain dry tomorrow with highs in the 80s.


A front will swing our way from the south on Friday, bringing the best chance for a period of showers into southeastern MA. We’ll keep you posted as we determine the extent of wet weather. For now the Cape has a 60% chance, southeastern MA and spots south of the Mass Pike 40%, and areas north of the Mass Pike 20%. The weather should be brighter and drier going northward.