10 things you didn't know about Kevin Lemanowicz

Boston — Get to know FOX25 StormTracker Chief Meteorologist Kevin Lemamowicz!

What was your first job?

D&Z Soda King in Brooklyn, Connecticut. It was a gas station, soda outlet.

Why did you choose to do that?

They gave me a job. It was hard work, but when you're in high school, you take anything you can get, spending money.

What is your favorite movie?

Well that is a tough one, I like so many. I think I would have to rank "Godfather 2" as my favorite, and it’s Kind of cliché. "Top Gun" all the way, Need for Speed.

What was your first concert?

Lover Boy, that’s a rock group. Back in the early 80’s, gosh I am almost embarrassed to say that, but they had some pretty big hits it you look them up.

What would your dream vacation be?

That is a really good question. It would have to be a beach. The nicest beach I go to is in Destin, Florida, the most beautiful non-Caribbean beach you will ever find, so I guess it is the destination. But at least for a beach vacation that I can think of. I haven’t been to many places... there is a lot I want to explore.

Where do you travel the most?

In the U.S.

What question do viewers ask you the most?

"Is it going to snow?How much?" When it comes to the summer weather, “Will my wedding get rained out?” It is always something about the weather, they rarely ask about any personal questions.

Beside the FOX25 Weather App, which app do you use the most?

I don’t know. Besides the FOX25 Weather App? I’m going to have to say probably Twitter.

We know everyday here in the newsroom that you bring in your Dunkin’s iced coffee? But what is your order?

Dark roast, usually a large, with milk and Sweet and Low.

When is your birthday?

Christmas Day, December 25th, I almost said the year…1969. Baby of the of the sixties, the summer of love, that is what my parents always told me.