• Worcester police warning of daytime ATM robbery attempt


    WORCESTER, Mass. - WORCESTER, Mass. – Police are searching for a would-be robber who got inside a woman’s car while she was at an ATM then threatened her.

    The attempted robbery happened in broad daylight Thursday around 9 a.m. at the Bank of America ATM in the Lincoln Street Plaza.

    “The male came out of nowhere, got into the back seat, she didn’t see him, she sat down in the driver seat, felt something behind her, and that’s when he got up and demanded her cash,” Worcester Police Sgt. Kerry Hazelhurst said. “The male jumped in the back of the vehicle and attempted to grab the money from her.”

    The would-be robber threatened he had a gun, though the victim never saw one.

    “She started to scream and there was a man working right nearby at the ATM vestibule heard the scream. She jumped out of the car, he ran to her aid, the suspect then got out of the back seat, ran off, down the hill behind the ATM machine,” Hazelhurst said.

    Worcester police are investigating the crime and trying to track down the suspect.

    "This is very brazen," Hazelhurst said. "This is a very busy area. Very congested. A lot of foot traffic."

    Meanwhile, others who frequent the ATM are taking extra precautions by locking up their cars and keeping an eye out.

    “Oh my dear lord, my car is running right now. That’s the first thing that came to mind,” Zainab Lahoud told Boston 25 News when she heard about the incident.

    The victim wasn’t hurt -- and didn’t hand over any money -- but police say she’s shaken up.

    Police say the suspect took off on foot down a nearby hill and made his way behind a restaurant toward the main road. 

    The victim did not have a detailed description of the suspect, and he remains on the street. Police have since been patrolling this area.


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