• Boston firefighter knocked off feet by blast of water from hydrant

    By: Mike Saccone , Evan White


    BOSTON - Cell phone video captured a Boston firefighter get knocked off his feet by a blast of water from a fire hydrant he was trying to shut off in Government Center.

    The six-second video first appeared on Reddit. Boston Fire Spokesperson Brian Alkins confirmed the video is authentic.

    The firefighter was working to tighten the bolt of the hydrant located on Cambridge Street, in front of the 7-Eleven at Center Plaza, around 3 p.m. on Saturday. As he rotated the wrench, the valve appeared to open full blast and knocked him to the ground. 

    Alkins said the unnamed firefighter from Engine 10 wasn’t hurt. 

    Firefighters had responded to Center Plaza for a transformer fire. They put out the flames, but dry chemicals blanketed the building. Emily Cotter, a spokesperson for Center Plaza, told Boston 25 News she didn't have any information on the fire. 

    Alkins declined our request to interview with firefighter. Boston 25 News has learned he’s new to the department and embarrassed by the situation. 

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