Very first marijuana deliveries east of the Mississippi ready to roll in Taunton

TAUNTON, Mass. — “I’m a marine combat veteran, I served in Iraq in 2003,” said Phillip Smith of Freshly Baked of Taunton.

“I’m a 911 first responder from my Air Force days,” said Jenny Roseman of Freshly Baked.

The Freshly Baked company in Taunton is strictly an online cannabis retailer and one of the few micro-companies in the state.

“Under the micro license it gives you multiple abilities – you can cultivate, you can manufacture, you can home deliver,” Smith said.

Delivery is the pivotal piece Freshly Baked has been waiting for.

“People are going crazy for it,” Roseman said.

They are they only business in the state so far that’s able to deliver a wide range of cannabis and marijuana products from desktop to doorstep.

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“It is wild it has been a dream of ours for so long,” Roseman said.

Taunton is one of the towns that the Cannabis Control Commission deemed disproportionally impacted by the war on drugs.

“I am part of the first cohort [of] social equity applicants. I graduated, that’s what gave me the ability to have the delivery license. I have to maintain 51%, but that gives me the opportunity and that’s huge right now in the industry for the small guys coming up,” Smith said.

They can only deliver to towns and cities that have approved retail recreational cannabis sales.

“There are probably about five or six around us that are no’s, for the most part everyone is pretty much in on that,” Smith said.

For the veteran-owned business, delivery is the final piece to elevate sales and acceptance of a product they say changed lives.

“There are definitely still stigmas when it comes to cannabis. Jenny and I feel like every time we talk about PTSD, which we both suffer from, and how cannabis has changed our lives, we help bring down those barriers,” Smith said.