Uber driver watched videos on dashboard during ride, passenger says

LYNN, Mass. — An Uber driver is being accused by a passenger of driving around while watching a video on a screen propped up on their dashboard.

The passenger, who asked to be referred to only as Mike, told Boston 25 News that, in his ride that started in Lynn, he noticed his driver had not only their cell phone on a dashboard mount with the Uber app and GPS on, but also had a smart device playing a video on the dashboard.

Mike says he felt his safety was jeopardized during his trip.

“It’s a safety issue, he risked my life, his life, people on the road,” said Mike.

In a phone interview, Mike said he had been at his cousin’s house watching the Super Bowl on Sunday night when he noticed he had a flat tire, so he called an Uber.

“I got in the car, and the first thing I noticed was, he had his phone,” said Mike. “A second phone on the speedometer on the steering wheel. It was some sort of movie, and he had earbuds in.”

During the trip, Mike decided not to say anything to the driver as he didn’t want to start any trouble at that hour.

“To be honest, [I didn’t say anything] because I needed to get home at 2:30 a.m., and I know they have the right to kick you out of their car,” said Mike. “So, I figured I would record in silence.”

From his pick-up point at the Lynnway to his drop-off point in East Boston, Mike’s ride lasted for about 10 minutes and cost him around $11. After complaining to Uber about the driver’s unsafe behavior, Uber gave him a $3 credit for his ride.

Mike says it’s not the refund that he was after, but more so that Uber’s response wasn’t focused on the principle behind the entire situation.

“I understand it’s like 2:30 a.m., he’s probably tired and had a long day, [but] that gives you no right to start watching Netflix or whatever,” said Mike.

In a statement to Boston 25 News, an Uber spokesperson said:

“We apologize for this rider’s poor experience and are working to resolve it. The safety of riders and drivers who use the Uber platform is a top priority.”