Teens save man from drowning at local lake

Girls jump in, swim guy to safety

Teens save man from drowning at local lake

SHARON, Mass. — A man using a metal detector on the bed of a local lake has a group of teenagers to thank for saving his life. 

Sharon Fire Department Captain Jeffrey Ricker said, a little after 8 p.m. Saturday, a 911 call came in regarding a man needing assistance out of Lake Massopaug, a 353-acre body of water popular with boaters, fishers and bathers. 

The emergency caller also reported the man was having problems breathing. 

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"He couldn't swim properly. He was going under," Captain Ricker said. "He was able to yell for help."

Fortunately, a group of local teenagers heard him while one dialed 911.

“They were at the lake with their friends and they were heading home,” Captain Ricker said. “Two other members of the group actually swam out and assisted the gentleman to the beach.”

Those two members were young teen girls. Ricker thinks they were about 13-years-old.

"They did an outstanding job," he said. 

The man was taken to Norwood hospital a little embarrassed, Ricker said, but with no life-threatening injuries. Apparently, he had a firm footing on the lake bed but suddenly stepped off a deep edge and, with the metal detection equipment around his wrist, was unable to effectively swim to shore on his own. 

Captain Ricker said the fire department is looking to recognize the teens for their heroic actions sometime this week.