Suspect accused of killing Milton man appears in court

MILTON, Mass. — When the man accused of killing a Milton man appeared in court, we learned about another case involving the suspect and victim.

Myles King, 21, is accused of gunning down Marquis Simmons over the weekend. The victim was shot right outside his home in Milton. In court, we learned that, back in 2019, the same accused killer was arrested outside the same victim’s house while in possession of a loaded handgun.

King is charged with murdering the 25-year-old Simmons, who was on his scooter when he was shot. When asked by the judge if he understood the charges, King replied, “yep, yes you’re honor.”

Norfolk County ADA Adam Lally said when the first officer arrived on scene, Simmons was gasping for air when he was asked who shot him.

“Mr. Simmons then stated ‘Mizzy, Mizzy Cash’ and then went in and out of consciousness,” Lally said.

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Investigators said King goes by ‘Mizzy Cash’ as a local rap artist based on YouTube videos police said King posted on social media. Back in 2019, Milton Police arrested King after they found him sitting in a stolen car right outside the Simmons’ house. Police said there was a loaded handgun under King’s seat.

We pulled the police report but there is no specific mention if King was targeting Simmons during that 2019 incident.  We asked one of Simmons’ uncles if they knew anything about the 2019 incident.

“I did not,” Lane said.

Simmons’ immediate family did not talk after court, but we did hear from his mother, Staci Atkins, right after the murder.

“They took my baby from me. He didn’t even get a chance to get married, he didn’t get a chance to give me no grandkids, he was trying to get himself together so by the time he was 30 he can make moves,” Atkins said.

We also tried to talk to people who were in court for the suspect, but they told us they are not talking about the case.

The prior arrest involving the loaded gun outside the same victim’s house is still pending. King will now be back in court on August 11 for both cases.