Some parents would consider holding kids back a grade, poll shows

The grades aren’t good and reveal when it comes to kindergarten through 12th grade that about one out of every six parents say they would consider holding their kids back a grade because they don’t feel they’re ready to move up.

This is according to a poll commissioned by the Pioneer Institute and conducted by Emerson College polling. The poll also found 21% of Massachusetts parents say their children’s education has been “entirely compromised” by remote learning.

Twenty-nine percent of respondents are giving schools a “C” grade for pandemic performance. Eighteen percent gave schools and “F” grade and only 10% gave schools an “A” grade. Forty-five percent say teacher’s unions have not acted in the best interests of children during the pandemic.

Parents with three or more children were much more likely to give their school systems an “F” grade than those with two children or an only child.

The execute director of the Pioneer Institute says the bottom line is parents were dissatisfied with remote learning and place blame on both the districts and teachers.

Some big questions out of the poll are, will parents go through with holding their kids back? If they do, what will the impact be on school numbers?