Sex offender with history of peering in windows facing Peeping Tom charges

Sex offender with history of peering into windows facing new Peeping Tom charges

Tyler Jacquard, a registered sex offender with a long history of targeting young females on Boston college campuses and apartments, was arrested this weekend and is facing Peeping Tom charges.

Police say Jacquard was peeping into a young woman's basement apartment window at a complex less than a mile from Melrose home he shares with his mother.

A young female resident of the complex told police she saw a suspicious man outside her building on several occasions. Two Melrose officers set up surveillance Friday night and caught Jacquard in the act, according to the police report. He was charged with trespassing, disorderly conduct and parole violation.

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A different woman who lives in the Melrose complex told 25 Investigates she is glad Jacquard was caught.

"I’m glad that no one was physically hurt. I’m glad that police are on top of it,” said the resident who asked to remain anonymous.

25 Investigates’ Ted Daniel has reported extensively on Jacquard and examined how cases against him ended up getting dismissed. Last month, Daniel revealed that a clerical error allowed the 33-year-old, who calls himself Carlos Hot Rod on YouTube, to walk free earlier this year.

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Jacquard is the same man who last November was arrested and charged with breaking into two residence halls and a dorm room at Endicott College in Beverly.

According to Salem District Court documents, he “awakened a female student from her sleep while standing at the foot of her bed."

That case could have sent him to prison, but it was dropped in April due to a lack of evidence.
The Essex County District Attorney's office said they "followed every lead and pursued every investigated avenue to obtain evidence necessary to secure an indictment. [But,] the evidence simply was not there."

“Peeping Tom behavior escalates when the legal system does nothing about it,” said Wendy Murphy, a former prosecutor who represents victims of sex crimes. “And that’s a problem because we know from the research that sex offenders often engage in Peeping Tom-like behavior even before the escalation or even at the same time.”

Jacquard’s lengthy criminal history includes at least 23 arraignments and approximately 10 convictions for lewd and lascivious behavior, and open and gross conduct.

According to Murphy, unless there are repercussions for this acts Jacquard will likely continue to offend.

“For someone who's got 23 arraignments on their record and has never actually suffered a serious penalty for that behavior, the message to him is pretty clear isn't it?” she added.