• Man arrested after allegedly peeping in windows at Wellesley College


    WELLESLEY, Mass. - A man has been ordered to stay away from the Wellesley College campus after allegedly peeping into windows.

    Tyler Jacquard is charged with disorderly conduct, second offense after allegedly looking in to a window of Davis Hall, and was arrested later that night.

    “It's uncomfortable, knowing that someone has been lurking around,” Jessica Budz said.

    Budz and her roommate Olivia Reckley said they were in the room minding their own business when they got the notification from the college and looked outside.

    "He was walking very slow, looked into windows, covering his hands and looking in. I said 'oh my gosh, I think that's him,'" Budz said.

    Jacquard is a Level 1 sex offender and had previously been charged with lewd and lascivious conduct stemming from an incident in Somerville last summer.

    Budz said she saw the man run when he was noticed, so she grabbed her roommate and ran out after him.

    "We walked outside to our courtyard together to see where he was going so we can describe to police how to intercept him," she said.

    Jacquard was ordered to wear a GPS monitoring bracelet and stay away from campus. A judge set bail at $1,500, but it's unclear if bail was posted.

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