• 8 people taken to hospital after multi-vehicle crash in Duxbury

    By: Zareen Syed


    DUXBURY, Mass. - Several people were injured following a multi-vehicle crash in Duxbury on Wednesday afternoon. 

    Around 3:30 p.m. two charter buses and another car collided on Route 3, going southbound near the area of Exit 11.

    According to Duxbury Fire Department, the two buses were filled with elementary school students heading back from a field trip in Boston. Between the two buses and the passenger vehicle, there were 95 people involved in the crash. 

    Officials did not say what school or town the students were from. 

    Duxbury Fire said eight people, seven students and one teacher, were transported to Beth Israel Hospital in Plymouth with minor injuries.

    The buses were significantly damaged and the students who were not sent to the hospital had to wait on the side of the highway for a new bus to bring them back.

    "We acted as quickly as we can to assess 95 people to make sure they don’t have injuries, to get all their information, get mutual aid ambulances in," said Duxbury Fire Captain Rob Reardon. "It’s a lot to move that many people. Some to hospitals, some off the highway onto a new bus."

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