Sen. Bernie Sanders holds town hall in NH before impeachment vote

DERRY, N.H. — It’s been a busy week for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders between the Iowa caucus, the New Hampshire primary and the final vote on President Trump’s impeachment trial - and we’re only halfway through the week.

On Wednesday, before flying to D.C. to cast his vote in the impeachment trial, Sen. Sanders held a town hall in Derry, NH, as he spoke about the end of the trial and his vision for the country.

Introduced by his wife, Jane Sanders, Sen. Sanders wasted no time knocking Iowa and highlighting the issues that unfolded with releasing the results.

“They are still counting votes in Iowa, boo,” said Sen. Sanders.

Then, he touched on the impeachment trial and the impending acquittal of President Trump.

“Today is a kind of serious and solemn day for the country,” said Sen. Sanders.

On Tuesday afternoon, U.S. Senators voted to acquit President Donald Trump on both articles of impeachment. Sanders, who voted guilty for both articles of impeachment, the first being abuse of power and the second obstruction of Congress.

Voters at the town hall asked Sanders about his position on issues such as climate change, immigration reform and his single-payer healthcare proposal.

“I will be working as an analyst at one of America’s largest health insurers which creates an inner conflict for me to vote for you but also a fear of being unemployed after graduation, so what kind of reassurance can you provide to me?" asked Alex Domanico, who drove up from Connecticut to New Hampshire to attend the town hall and ask that question.

“We build into our climate change proposal an what we call a just transition period people get five years of pay and benefits and they get educational opportunities and we’re doing the same for the people that work in the healthcare industry,” Sanders replied.

New Hampshire independents said there’s a lot to consider before casting their ballots next Tuesday.

“[I’m] still undecided, leaning a little bit more toward Bernie after his response but I’d like to take the opportunity to talk to more candidates kind of pick their brain on [the] issues,” said Domenico.

“It’s very, very tough this year,” said Cathy Joaquim.