Woman revived during overdose thanks Natick officer who saved her life

A Natick woman got a second chance at life thanks to a quick-thinking police officer who revived her with Narcan.

NATICK, Mass. — A Natick woman got a second chance at life thanks to a quick-thinking police officer who revived her with Narcan.

Now, she’s thanking her for helping her turn her life around and kick her addiction. Having struggled for so long to get clean, this near-death experience changed everything.

Every day, fire and police officials across the country deal with calls for overdoses and drug-related incidents. Across the state, measures have been implemented and discussed to help curb what has been dubbed as the opioid epidemic.

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But for Natick Police Lieutenant Cara Rossi, that one 911 call stood out the most.

“For me, It hits home,” said Lt. Rossi. “It doesn’t matter where you live or what your circumstances are; this epidemic is affecting everyone.”

Last summer, a 911 call came from a home in downtown Natick for a woman in her 20s who had overdosed. Rossi said the woman “was in a home, overdosed and someone called.”

With most of the calls of this nature, it’s not common for the person to reach back out to emergency responders thanking them for saving their lives - but this time, it was different.

Lt. Rossi said that, five months later, someone came into the department during the evening shift, bringing baked goods and a letter that read:

“I overdosed for the last time in August. It was a major wake up call. I went to detox the next day and haven’t used since. Due to you guys saving my life through CPR, and Narcan. I got my life back! Here’s what giving me life gave me:

- Ability to keep a steady job

- Custody of my daughter back

- Good mental health

- True happiness, and I actually am able to say I love myself, and who I am.

- I got my family back, and they allow me to live with them, also have earned their trust back

- Today I celebrate 5 months sober!

Thank you guys for everything you do! Keep up the hard work! Lots of love, [redacted]"

The woman who walked into the police department was the same one who Lt. Rossi revived over the summer.

“I’m hoping [that] sharing this story will give other people in her situation hope that don’t give up,” Lt. Rossi. “Keep getting up, keep trying again. One of these days, like for her, will be the time, like for her that she was able to find sobriety.”

Boston 25 News tried reaching out to the woman, but she changed her phone number, as many recovering addicts do so they don’t run in the same circle of friends, minimizing the triggers for relapsing.