Police urging users to stop sharing Facebook video of child abuse

BOSTON — A video is being circulated on Facebook messenger that shows a man abusing a child and police are asking people to stop sharing it.

According to state police, people are sharing it and asking other Facebook users to help identify the suspect.

However, officials say sharing the video online is considered disseminating child pornography, which is a crime.

Police first became aware of the video over the weekend after a woman received the message and brought it to their attention.

State police detectives who specialize in internet crimes against children are now on the case.

The video has been circulating around the country and has been shared thousands of times online.

Police in Ohio, Missouri, Alabama and Tennessee have also received reports.

Officers say if the video is shared with you, you should report it to Facebook and delete it from your messages immediately.

Police say they would never share an explicit video when looking for a suspect in this type of case.

They say an official photo would be edited to show only the perpetrator and would never show the abuse taking place.

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