Parents recount horrific details of Lynn teacher's murder

Parents recount horrific details of Lynn teacher's murder

REVERE, Mass. — Day two in the trail of the murder of Lynn Public Schools teacher Vanessa MacCormack. On Wednesday her parents explained in heartbreaking details their interactions with her in the days before her death.

Vanessa's husband, Andrew MacCormack, is accused of strangling and mutilating her body inside their Revere home in 2017. MacCormack pleaded not guilty to the first-degree murder charge and has maintained his innocence.

On Wednesday, Vanessa's parents described their shock in getting a phone call from their son-in-law saying Vanessa was dead.

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"He began to scream, 'Call 911. She's dead," Vanessa’s mother, Karen Masucci, remembered.

Emotional testimony from the mother and father of slain teacher Vanessa MacCormack on the second day of her husband's murder trial.

"I just kept hearing her say, 'Do CPR, scream, do something,'" said Vinnie Masucci, Vanessa's father.

Vanessa MacCormack was a beloved second-grade teacher at Connery Elementary School.

Her daughter was just a year old at the time of the murder. She's believed to have been in the couple's home at the time but was unharmed.

Vinnie Masucci described to the jury the frantic phone call from his son-in-law Andrew explaining that his daughter was dead. Masucci and his wife immediately sped from a store in New Hampshire to the couple's home, which was covered in crime scene tape and police officers.

"He came over and said […], 'I was supposed to protect her,'" Vinnie said. "He said, 'Believe me sir, you don't want to see here.'"

Andrew MacCormack wiped tears away during Wednesday's testimony. MacCormack is accused of strangling and mutilating his wife's body and then cleaning up with large amounts of bleach at the couple’s home in Revere in September 2017.

Prosecutors say MacCormack got violent after what they describe as months of increasing conflict in the marriage over his drug use, missing wedding rings and financial problems.

Hours after leaving the police station the night they learned of their daughter's death, the parents found Andrew asleep in their home. MacCormack acted strangely, according to them, saying "Do you know I'm a suspect?"

"I just walked away," Vinnie Masucci recalled.