New system allows survivors of sexual assault to track their evidence kits

BOSTON — Sexual assault survivors in the state of Massachusetts will now be able to keep track of their evidence kit, thanks to a new tracking system.

The Commonwealth’s sexual assault evidence collection kit, or SAECK, tracking system has been launched successfully in six counties across the state with a second regional launch slated for next week. Officials said the system will be available statewide by March.

“This comprehensive tracking system is an important advancement in services that Massachusetts can now provide to survivors of sexual assault and the network of public health and public safety agencies that support them,” said Governor Charlie Governor Baker. “This tracking system is the product of incredible teamwork between the medical community, law enforcement agencies and survivor advocates and we are hopeful this tool will make a meaningful difference.”

“Since taking office, our administration has been committed to providing resources and support for survivors through the Governor’s Council to Address Sexual Assault and Domestic violence,” said Lt. Governor Karyn Polito. “For survivors facing a traumatic experience in the wake of a sexual assault, this new tracking system offers timely access to meaningful, reliable and helpful information.”

Known as Track-Kit, the web-based, confidential and mobile-friendly system will allow survivors of sexual assault to follow their evidence kits from the moment they are collected all the way through the testing process.

The system also makes tracking information available to the medical personnel, investigators, crime labs and prosecutors responsible for each kit along the way.

Along with providing key information to survivors about their evidence kits, the Track-Kit also provides survivors with local rape crisis center resources; specific contact information at the hospital, police department and district attorney’s office involved in their case; and 24-hour access to technical tracking system support should they need it.

“By providing accurate information at every stage of the process, Massachusetts’ kit tracking system is delivering transparency to survivors and enhancing efficiency for stakeholder agencies,” said Secretary of Public Safety and Security Thomas Turco. “This is a major development for anyone concerned with victim advocacy, services and support.”

“We appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with stakeholders in the public health, public safety, and survivor community to implement a SAECK tracking system that provides confidentiality, transparency and efficiency throughout the process,” said Secretary of Technology Services and Security Curtis Wood. “This is a powerful example of how technology solutions can provide meaningful benefits to the residents of the Commonwealth.”