New England's Unsolved

New England’s Unsolved: The search for Harmony Montgomery

Adam Montgomery’s murder conviction in February closed one chapter in this closely watched case, but the book is still open.

After four years, the central mystery remains: Where is Harmony?

“It’s important that we find her for dignity, for respect for another human being,” said Senior Assistant New Hampshire Attorney General Ben Agati shortly after Adam Montgomery’s conviction for Harmony’s murder.

In April 2023, New Hampshire and Massachusetts police scoured Revere’s Rumney Marsh looking for Harmony.

But why Revere?

According to an affidavit, on the night of March 3 into the morning of March 4, 2020, Adam Montgomery used a U-Haul truck to discard Harmony’s body.

It’s believed she was wrapped in trash bags and stuffed into a Catholic Medical Center diaper bag.

From 4:44 a.m. to 5:25 a.m., the U-Haul was recorded crossing the Tobin Bridge near Boston three times.

There are 25 unaccounted miles on the U-Haul’s odometer.

Harmony could be anywhere in a radius around the Tobin Bridge.

Harmony’s mother recently said the best place to look is in Revere, where Adam once lived.

“I just know him,” Crystal Sorey said. “He would put her in one of the biggest, most difficult places to look.”

So how will investigators find her?

Dr. Ann Marie Mires, Director of Forensic Criminology at Anna Maria College, believes Harmony Montgomery might still be found.

Dr. Mires is the former head of the Massachusetts Medical Examiner’s Identification Unit.

She examined the burial pits of the victims in the Whitey Bulger case and she testified at his mob trial.

Dr. Mires says if Adam buried Harmony’s body in that diaper bag, there is a good chance her remains could be found.

“He’s wrapped all of it in plastic, which will then act as a barrier, a barrier to letting the smell out, which is a disadvantage, but also a barrier from letting the elements in. And that can be to our advantage,” Dr. Mires explained.

At trial, Kayla Montgomery, Adam’s wife, testified that Adam poured lime on Harmony’s body to speed decomposition.

But Dr. Mires tells me that was a mistake. The substance lye breaks down a body. Lime only masks the smell.

“It doesn’t accelerate decomposition, but many people think it does,” Dr. Mires explained.

That might explain why police dogs did not find anything in the search of the Rumney Marsh.

GEO Mapping might reveal places where the ground has recently been disturbed.

If her grave is in the marsh, Dr. Mires says technology might lead investigators to Harmony Montgomery.

“It’s a very difficult task, but again, keeping it alive and keeping the information coming is important,” Dr. Mires said.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Harmony Montgomery, contact the Manchester, NH Police at (603) 792-5400.

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