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Huge reward still offered in Taraskiewicz murder investigation after 28 years

At 27 years old, Susan Taraskiewicz was a trailblazer.

She was one of the first women ever to land a ground crew chief supervisor’s job at Logan Airport.

But 28 years ago, Susan was found dead in the trunk of a car in Revere.

There has never been an arrest.

“How can you live with this on your conscience for 28 years?” Marlene Taraskiewicz, Susan’s mother asked Monday.

On September 14, 1992, the body of Marlene’s daughter was discovered in the trunk of a car parked in Revere.

Susan Taraskiewicz was beaten and stabbed to death.

Twenty-eight years later, Marlene is still fighting for her daughter.

“She is not a cold case. She is an active case. And will stay active until I get justice for her,” Marlene told me.

At the time of her murder, Susan Taraskiewicz was a ramp supervisor at Logan Airport for Northwest Airlines.

Susan endured humiliating harassment from some of her male co-workers, but Susan’s family said, she was determined to hang on to her job.

On Susan’s final shift, two days before she was found, Susan punched out to buy sandwiches for her co-workers, she never returned.

There’s never been an arrest.

Northwest Airlines posted a $250,000 reward, but still, no one came forward.

In 2008, Northwest Airlines merged with Delta Airlines.

And the Taraskiewicz family was concerned the big reward might disappear with it.

But that’s when Susan’s mother got to work.

“It took me up to three years ago, when I finally got somebody at Delta, explained about the reward. And could they help me? Well I got a letter, more than willingly, they have honored the reward,” Marlene said.

After Susan’s murder, some of her co-workers, including two she identified in a diary who were harassing her, were later arrested in a huge credit card scam at Logan Airport.

Marlene believes her daughter was killed because someone mistakenly thought Susan knew about the scam.

She did not.

Marlene is hoping, this $250,000 reward, might help turn up the heat.

“They are going to keep looking over their shoulders, 28 years. Maybe they think they got away with this. But if they get away with this, they’re going to think they can get away with somebody else,” Marlene said.

In a statement, Mass State Police say the Taraskiewicz case remains open and active.

Call Mass State Police at 617.727.8817 if you can help.

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