New England's Unsolved: Cherie-Lynn Bishop

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BROCKTON, Mass. — It's taken Linda bishop nearly a quarter of a century, to stand at the very  place on Mulberry Street in Brockton, near a set of railroad tracks, where the nude body of her daughter, Cherie-Lynn Bishop, was discovered on June 25, 1991.

“This is the first time I've really come and stood here since then," her mom Linda said. “I’ve driven by, quite a few times, and I just look and keep going. It hurts.”

Cherie was 28 years old. She lived in a third floor apartment on Montello Street that she shared with a male roommate.

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The night before she was killed, at about 11 p.m., Cherie call her mother for a morning wake up call. Cherie had an appointment at the Social Security office and didn't want to miss it.

“She just called me that night. That one time. And I called her in the morning I kept calling and calling but no answer,” Bishop said.

Instead, at about 9 a.m., police showed her Cherie's picture.

“He asked me if I could tell him who this was and I said, why what's the matter? And I told him that was Cherie. That's how she was identified by the family,” said Bishop.

Sheanna Isabel is Cherie's daughter, she was just 9 years old when her mother was murdered. She is just trying to get to the truth.

“It was ruled a strangulation. There are marks on the front and back of her neck. To me it doesn’t look like she was killed there. It looks like she was dumped there,” said Isabel.

Cherie's final moments took her to North Main Street, just a few blocks away from where her naked body would be found a few hours later.

Cherie's own sister was among the last people to see her alive when she spotted Cherie near an old gas station. The sisters got into an argument because Cherie was wearing her sister's sneakers.

The sister said she then saw Cherie get into a dark four-door sedan. But about an hour later, Cherie was back in the area, making an angry call to her roommate.

“It was one of my aunts and her mutual friends that saw her and said she was yelling on the phone, saying, 'get that girl out of my apartment. I don’t like her,'” Isabel said.

Twenty five years later, investigators still don't know what happened to Cherie between that angry call, and the discovery of her body just before 7 a.m.

It’s a nightmare that still haunts her family, and it’s why Isabel is now a police officer.

“I don’t want any other family to feel that way. When I go to work I put 110 percent  into what I do because I know what it’s like to be a victim and not have somebody give you everything they have to help you solve whatever it is,” Isabel said.

In a statement to New England's unsolved, the Plymouth County District Attorney's office told FOX25:

“An experienced assistant district attorney is assigned to Ms. Bishop's homicide. We have revisited the facts of the case in an effort to develop new evidence. The investigation remains open.”

If you know anything about what happened to Cherie Lynn Bishop call the Mass State Police at the Plymouth County DA’s Office at (508) 923-4000.